Featuring stories from our MELA Winners!

Supporting school climate through sewing

Judy Brown is a School Social Worker at Folwell School, Performing Arts Magnet, Minneapolis Public Schools, and is a 2015 Minnesota Education Leadership Award (MELA) grant recipient. She won a grant for her work with Lady Like, a group in which Judy uses sewing and...

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MELA Winner Update: Mark Trumper and Susan Tuck

This post has been adapted and re-published from Educators for Excellence's Extracurricular Activities Blog In the fall, Mark and Susan begin Pedal Power programming by teaching bike safety and group riding skills to all fourth graders at Pillsbury Elementary School,...

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Teachers Taking the Reins

By Madaline Edison and Bill Graves. What if we put more control in the hands of classroom teachers? This is a question the Minneapolis Educator Leadership Awards (MELA) has just begun to answer. The newly established MELA program is entering its second-year program,...

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